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Class 11 English Core NCERT Solutions Pdf Download

Class 11 English: Get the solutions of all chapters of the books Hornbill and Spanshots. All the Questions are specially solved for the annual examinations. syllabus based on JAC Board Ranchi. Class 11 English Hornbill Prose Chapter Read here pdf Notes Chapter 1: The Portrait of a Lady Click Here Download Chapter 2: We’re not … Read more

We’re Not Afraid to Die……if we Can All Be Together class mcq questions

We’re Not Afraid to die …….. if we Can All Be Together is a short story of class 11 ncert hornbill book. Here, we brought here some important MCQ solutions for your final examinations. It also helps you to examine your preparations.  We’re Not Afraid to die important MCQ questions: Ques:1. The first worldwide Green … Read more

A Photograph Class 11 ncert solutions mcq questions

A Photograph written by Shirley Toulson is a verse taken from the ncert book of class 11. It is the first poetry of the book hornbill. We have brought some important questions that would be very helpful for your final examination. We made it as per the JAC Board syllabus but it is also helpful … Read more

The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 Important MCQ Questions

The Portrait of a Lady Class 11 ncert book solution for the JAC Board students. As we know that Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi has decided to take the exam based on multiple-choice type questions. So here I have solved some only multiple choice type questions. The students of other academic boards also can practice these … Read more

Writing skill MCQ Questions Class 11

English writing skill mcq questions for class 11

Writing skill MCQ Questions Class 11: It is the most important chapter for class 11 for the final examination. This MCQ test is based on letter writing, report writing, notice writing and article writing etc. All the questions are very important for the annual examination. Questions have been taken from class 11th Hornbill ncert book. … Read more